Feedback sought ahead of 2021-22 season

The Burnie Cricket League Committee of Management is seeking feedback from clubs - and individual players and umpires - in advance of the 2021-22 season. We'll be making decisions at our next meeting on three proposed changes to our By-Laws and Rules, and on what the season will look like. To have your say, send an email to the address below or a message to our Facebook page. You can also speak to members of the committee, or to your club's committee. Responses are required by 9pm Monday September 13.

By-Laws and Rules:

1. Helmets: That 1.8 Wearing of Helmets be amended to require all players to wear helmets, irrespective of age, in the circumstances described. That is, when batting, close fielding and when standing up to the stumps when wicket-keeping.

2. High full-pitched deliveries: That 3.13 High Full-pitched deliveries be amended so that the limit for such deliveries - that are deemed unintentional - is a consistent three across all grades (currently it's two for A Grade and A Reserve, three for lower grades). 

3. Leg-Side Wides: That 3.14 Leg-Side Wides is amended for A Grade and A Reserve to be in line with the standard rule in other limited overs competitions and our own rules for Twenty20 cricket. That is, effectively, a ball bowled legside of the batsman, wide of the leg stump, will be deemed a wide. 

2021-22 Season - A Grade and A Reserve:

We have received seven team nominations for A Grade and nine for A Reserve. The committee's strong preference is that a team be promoted from the latter, so that both have eight teams. As discussed at the AGM, however, we will not be requiring teams to be promoted against their wishes for the coming season. We also received strong feedback at the meeting for more cricket, specifically in the higher grades.

So, with this in mind, we invite in the first instance for clubs who have nominated a team in A Reserve who wish to have that team promoted to A Grade to express that interest to us.

If team nominations remain as they are, our intention is for a 19-round season for the seven-team A Grade (all teams rostered to play 16 games, and have three byes) and for an 18-round season for the nine-team A Reserve (all teams rostered to play 16 games, and have two byes). 

Both grades would commence on Saturday October 9, have a two-week break over Christmas-New Year (December 25-January 1), conclude roster rounds on Saturday February 26, and then have the standard three rounds of finals, with the Grand Finals scheduled for Saturday March 19. In addition, A Grade would be rostered to play on the November long weekend (Saturday November 6).

If we do have eight teams in each of A Grade and A Reserve, our intention would be to have 18-round seasons for both with the same dates as above, except there would be no cricket on the November long weekend. This would mean all teams would be rostered to play 18 games and there would be no byes. 

2021-22 Season - B Grade and C Grade:

As it stands, we have received six team nominations for B Grade and nine for C Grade. If this remains unchanged, it is our intention to promote two teams from C Grade to B Grade. 

We propose that both grades play a 16-round season, beginning a week later than A Grade and A Reserve (Saturday October 16) and having an extra week off for Christmas (December 18 or January 8). B Grade teams would be rostered to play 16 games, while C Grade teams would be rostered to play 13 games and have three byes. 

As in previous seasons, we know it is challenging for clubs to be confident of playing numbers this far out from the season and this particularly affects lower grade team nominations. If, however, clubs believe they may need to change their team nominations then we ask that you let us know by the date given above for responses to this email. Clubs may be charged full levies for a team they withdraw after this date. 

2021-22 Season - Twenty20 competition:

The committee intends that we adopt the same format as last season, which means a single grade, stand alone competition with all clubs eligible to participate. This year we will accept additional teams from clubs subject to there being an even number. Each team would play two games - one home, one away, which will be rostered to be played on Sundays (one in December, one in January). Clubs can by agreement - and notice to the umpire coordinator and statistician - move a game within so many days of the rostered date (e.g. if there is a wish to play on a Thursday night). The top four will play finals on a Sunday in late January. 

Responses can be emailed to Anthony Haneveer ( or messaged to our Facebook page.